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BDSM Library - The Perils of Pauline's

It took me an hour to get there. I still had a lot of clothes in Mom's place so whenever I started running low I would pack a suitcase of dirty clothes take it uptown, leave it with the housekeeper and take fresh stuff from my closet.

  • The final piece of the puzzle was a padlock that she looped around my belt, through the hole she had cut in the hoodie, around the cuffs and back through the hole and locking it there. And I was surprised as we got on the entrance ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge and then drove into Park Slope heading towards Mistress Eve's house.
  • There was, however, a strange quirk to Danny. Although my apartment was very clean, that day was spent cleaning every corner of the it.
  • As he moved his cock slowly back she tried to clench again, but she had no strength left.
  • Po's, you are wrong. Po next visit, I was wearing the pink undies, a pair of white pantyhose and my dress.
  • Shaking her head at Tommy's latest display of impulsiveness, Judge Simsbury stood up and came out from behind her big oak desk.

When I did she slowly worked the hook into me. Unable to sit straight, Olivia rested her face against the leather seats, a strand of saliva running down her cheek. It was followed a split second later by an equally loud scream from Holly.

DESCRIPTION: Her tits bounced wildly into view, bouncing back from the strain of the bra much to Mehmet's delight. One button undone, then two, then three. If you thought it was particularly good, you can help recommend it to other people! The way they had jiggled with each strike from the leather had been tantalising, and when coupled with her shrieks of anguish Greta had lost herself in a world of rage and ecstasy.

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But there was more to come. He walked back to me. In fact, he scared several kids into not wearing belts at all- warning them that the more difficult it was to pants and underpants them, the more forceful the wedgie would be. By time I got there most of the fire in my ass had gone out but there was still a tingle.

I loved this story because I too have a mighty small penis. As far back as I can remember, I have always been the smallest. Gym classes in high school were the hardest, trying to keep a towel in front and getting dressed REAL QUICK praying that the other boys wouldn’t see ya. "Your name?" "Allen, Jon Allen." She looked at the computer screen on her desk, flicked a couple of keys before saying "Oh the sissy boy, she will see you at 3.".

Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club

Holly was filled with shame as her bra was cut away. But anyone seeing her chest knew she was a woman. Like I said there is no moving around.

  • The Perils of Pauline's
  • You will start buying items such as those for yourself.
  • Tommy And the Judge

Pulling a flick knife, Mehmet walked toward Olivia whose eyes opened wide, her screams stifled by the ball gag. Now that he was too big to spank at fourteen, Mrs. What could she be sorry about? Quick as a flash he cut through the ropes that held her hands and feet, and brought her arms behind her back, quickly retying them again before she even had a chance to react.

Pauline was almost shouting, "No, no don't do that," but Bob had the final word, "We could cane her, then stick that ball gag in her mouth, leave her tied up and tell Charlie all the things she let us do, I wonder what he'd do when he got back to our helpless friend here? Gripping her hair even harder he thrust forward again, just as another blow landed squarely across her arse cheeks. In fact, watching Mehmet rape the blonde girl, and now Hasan sodomise the tall one had her pussy on fire. Hasan and Mehmet brought her down to the floor, before undoing her complicated bondage, leaving just her wrists tied behind her back, and between them carrying her weak body off. My hand is getting tired! Please submit ONCE only - repeated votes by you for the same story will be discarded.

But you see, I am not as blessed as you or her. Meanwhile Hasan tied some rope around her stomach before tying the loose end to her hands and feet, leaving a small loop at the end. She strapped in on my face tightly and quickly mounted it. At first it was just the required panties but I expanded my wardrobe to include bras camisoles and eventually garters and fishnet stockings. She used a key to open the door and then climbed a flight of stairs to the second floor where she unlocked another door and we stepped into the apartment. The girl's tentative forays onto her lips were dull and only mildly arousing, the girl's nerves and inexperience manifesting as a lacklustre effort to stimulate her.


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