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Seventh grade Lesson Evidence for Evolution - Fossil Record

Before you go to bed, jot down on your worksheet the type of animal you think it might be. Show the Evolving Ideas: They will need these for Step 2 of the lesson.

  • How are fossils formed? It is the last day of the digging season.
  • It offers clues for recognizing those differences, and opportunities to practice using those clues.
  • How do scientists think that Lucy may have died? Discuss the following questions with your class:

It's intended to replace, or supplement, the inadequate first chapter of your text. I provide the students with the list of words without the definitions to be added to their science journal using the Cornell Notes format. In any of the discussions expected with the class, select a few key items important concepts that lend themselves to interpretation, and introduce class to the Think-Pair-Share TPS routine dealing with those items. Perhaps have them put their prediction in a secret ballot box.

DESCRIPTION: About Us Careers Support Blog. How might scientists have discovered this? They come with presentation directions and discussion questions. Dig 'em up, put 'em together, figure it out.

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About Us Careers Support Blog. Text color Background color Window color. How are fossils formed? Assign each group one of the scenarios below, or develop your own, featuring different types of organisms in a particular environment. Discuss the following questions in class: Fossils provide us with clues about the prehistoric past if we know what to look for, and how to read them, when we examine them.

Stories from the Fossil Record

It's getting late, and you are getting weary. What we can learn from fossils? This lesson is, in this way, very similar to the "Palpating Pachyderms" lesson which they may have done earlier, and if so, it might be interesting to see if anyone remembers what past activity this lesson brings to mind a little re-cycling never hurts! Or, try the bones from a more or less familiar animal, e.

They are numbered 1, 4, 5, and 7. Finally, I modified the instructions and included a map. Then go back and read the first two questions to keep fresh in your mind what information you will need.

In this activity, you and the members of your team will play the roles of paleontologists working in the field in Montana, near the town of Randak.

Tell them not to open the envelopes until told to do so. Include a test question or two in their next quiz or exam in which they have an opportunity to relate their experience in this lesson with the "uncertainty of science", how interpretations can change, how scientists select the "best" hypotheses, and the benefits of team work.

  • Evidence for Evolution - Fossil Record
  • This is how "Active Learning" is done. Click Here for the articulated skeleton from which those bones were taken and click here for the body reconstruction of this four-legged early whale!
  • Fun with Fossils
  • I tell the students that they will have the rest of the class period to begin their exploration, but that they will continue the work on the site the next day. You could have each group of students work on a different fossil set, or use a different fossil set for each period.
  • Let them share a few of their ideas.

Earth Science Lesson 9 of Take the next minutes to compare your findings with those of a team near you, looking for clues that might help you in your reconstruction, and possibly even suggest an entirely different animal than your earlier ideas. What did we learn about geological time in this lesson?

Objective: SWBAT explain how fossils share information about the past.

Encourage them to take their time and explore all the links and concepts. This new book addresses most of the common misconceptions about NOS. It also fits nicely as a more biological example of uncertainty in science, and could very well be included in the "nature of science" introduction to your course. Let them share a few of their ideas. Prices and contact information are provided for ordering use their phone number. Ask each team of two to prepare an Eocene epoch timeline on paper, using the same scale as the classroom model one inch equals one million years. Since the bones were all found together and in an undisturbed layer, you assume that they are all from the same animal.

Envelopes containing paper cut-out fossil pieces 1 set per team. Back in the lab at Randak, you go searching in the resource library, and you find some partial skeleton drawings from another group working at a different location but dealing with the same geological period. We will use your feedback to improve the experience for every teacher on our site. Worksheet , one per student, or one per team. What did we learn about paleoecology in this lesson?

Dig 'em up, put 'em together, figure it out. Record what you think it is now. Select one or more of your existing classes below, or create a new class.


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