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Persona 5’s Localized Script Has 50% More Dialogue Than Persona 4 Golden : JRPG

You can choose to talk to enemies instead of fighting them from the get go in the P2 duology.

  • In other worlds, evil is a necessity.
  • Use or buy Article Tokens What's this? Digital Devil Saga collects the Digital Devil games that redefined role-playing in Japan, and updates them for an all-new experience and a new audience.
  • That would account for the extra dialogue.
  • Simple but sweet gameplay with an excellent story.

And that really frustrated me so I stopped. Like others have said, the story and characters for the duology are better than any other in the series, but the gameplay and dungeons can feel a bit clunky and dodgy at times.

DESCRIPTION: SaltSlasher , Apr 26, Persona 3 and 4 are more slice of lifeish like Persona 5 so I'd suggest to try those instead also the more you go back the more you will have to grind. Maybe more important is pacing.

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Persona 3 and 4 are more slice of lifeish like Persona 5 so I'd suggest to try those instead also the more you go back the more you will have to grind. I love P1 and P2 way way way more than P Apr 27, 4. Separate names with a comma. Also, try not to buy into the overhype of the story. A subreddit for Japanese RPGs, past and present. Want to save this game for later? Persona is actually a offshoot of Shin Megami Tensei and only recently dropped that title in its name..


For the most part, I did find the game to be relatively easy, and it's definitely not as stress inducing as Persona 3. You can have the best possible grafics, but if the narrative is sparse, the world feels dead. Search this site Advanced search. In a dark time, an epic adventure dawns Then, the second third is really good and I absolutely love that part of the game. Last edited by SaltSlasherApr 28, Persoma

The more dialogue to flesh out the characters and their interpersonal relationships and interactions the better Demons replace Persona's, but the core gameplay is the same with minor differences. I liked his S. Discussion in ' PlayStation Lobby ' started by flybonzai , Oct 11,

  • Why I need to stop playing games like Persona 4 Golden and The Last of Us...
  • As soon as the game starts and having completed Innocent Sin, I was immediately hooked into the story because how much the game immediately starts referencing Innocent Sin, and the knowledge that I've gained from the previous game helps me to keep on top of things. Admittedly, it took my first play through forever to find great fusion spells, but I've definitely hit my stride by the time I reached Eternal Punishment.
  • Recommend & Share Persona 3 FES

Last edited by BasketCase , Apr 28, I will note, I don't think the PS1 has aged well enough to be very playable. That said I am in the minority that really loves the first Persona. The issue with that much text is it becomes a development cost that generally has a very small ROI. Ryuji is just a fusion of the worst parts of Kanji and Yosuke to be honest. But that's the thing, characters in a good story use tropes because theyre pretty much impossible to avoid however a good design will attempt to mix them in a way that hasn't exactly been done before.

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BlueRose64 , Apr 27, What makes you think that? Last edited by flybonzai , Oct 11, BannedUser , Apr 27,

Log in or sign up in seconds. Innocent Sin is a lot better than Eternal Punishment imo, but both are good games. Like rpg, social sim?


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