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I feel like this drama deserves to be number 1 in viewers rating than family dramas which are very cliche. The story line was regular, nothing spectacular at all. Both actor and actress were so good, I couldn't take my eyes off from the screen.

  • The climax hits so fast, particularly regarding the San's story.
  • Yes, I'm thankful that they're both pre produced, so at least if the ratings competition is high, the writing quality won't deviate to try to pull better numbers. Lopa Nov 10 3:
  • The king smiles proudly to watch Yeong answering his teacher knowledgeably, fluent in the classics that teach self-restraint, moderation, learning, and self-cultivation.

DESCRIPTION: At the palace, Princess Myeongeun deflates to hear that another day has passed with no message from her sweetheart. I would like to say that I sincerely appreciate all your hard work. Yeong orders her to march home so he can confirm his identity for himself, and Ra-on has no choice but to walk on. Let us not forget that love is a fruit of emotions and feelings.

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Also, i think the ending was pretty upsetting because i dont think they put much effort into it. If you didn't watch t you are stupid. I guess the only thing I can do is to cross my fingers, hope and wait. Ji Sung has talent no doubt and Hwang Jung-Eum seems fully compatible with him. I just started watching this last week and I'm so into it now! A falling tree branch crashes down toward her, and he dashes forward to rescue her.

Cammie Feb 12 pm The heirs.. I started watching it many years ago, but never finished. This year I suddenly felt the urge to finally finish it, since I wanted to know the ending and it bothered me that I didn't. Cho Yoon-woo (born July 27, ) is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in the tvN's television series Flower Boy Ramen Shop (). He was also part of the ensemble cast of another romantic comedy television series on the same cable channel, Dating Agency: Cyrano ().

So writers don't mess this up. His teacher gapes at the strange flying paper, and Yeong coins its name then and there: Aurelia Dec 06 2: I personally adored it. Jojo Jul 28 3: Yeong plans to get to the bottom of this crime and even involve the king, and the princess suddenly balks at the idea of having the entire palace know about her embarrassment.

Kay Nov 07

The two main leads have perfect chemistry. Can't figure out where this drama is going because there are too many possibilities. Soyeon thinks she has class, well, her actions not classy at all. Omg,i'm so blown out of my mind at the last scene.

Another eunuch sees her in there and warns her to get out, so she urges Yeong to come out too, before they get caught by the prince. I will waiting for season Camille W Aug 09 4:

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  • Jamie Aug 20 I'm so looking forward for The Heirs Season 2 with the same cast!
  • I'll talk about dramas if I want to
  • It does help quite a bit that the cast is such a pretty lot.

Natalia August 24, at 2: The whole scene was just perfect and how effortlessly he carries of this "bad but good boy and friendship but romance" vibe!! It does help quite a bit that the cast is such a pretty lot. TONY Aug 24 1:

I try not to get too excited at a premiere episode but this show hit all of the marks! That seemed apparent episodes ago. I watched a glimpse of moon lovers and amazed with all the abs that shown, however bogum's face and expression is sexier than all those abs.. Kay Nov 07 Episode 4 by LollyPip.


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