Female Bosses Who Spank Men



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Yes, that was exactly right I thought. She was rubbing herself whilst pushing my face to where she wanted me to be, until her groans increased in speed and intensity. Next, since this is going to be a bare bottom spanking, take off your slacks and underwear.

  • Just then the phone rang and Mrs Shute answered it. He gesticulated with his arms and I saw the dark stains around his arm pits that stood out in stark contrast to his dark blue shirt.
  • I placed all six paddles on the conference room table and each of them quickly grabbed a paddle.
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  • I bent across the desk, inches away from David. I had seen what happened to David.

Not that that was necessary of course. Raised in Dagenham, Jacquee embarked on general office work in her teens before landing a job as a secretary at a large multinational company, where she remained for almost two decades, rising to the role of assistant manager. He put his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and yanked them down as well. He took out a spotless white handkerchief and wiped his forehead. It helped, of course, if you happened to be attractive — as Judi, then a bubbly brunette, undoubtedly was.

DESCRIPTION: Share or comment on this article: Girlfriend's hilarious play-by-play account of England's World Cup victory for her boyfriend over WhatsApp goes viral Elle Macpherson, 54, comes under fire from This Morning viewers for encouraging women to skip meals to lose weight and get 'beach body ready' So who is winning the WAG World Cup? It was quite large, about fifteen feet square I reckoned. In the end I left again.

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I was rewarded with a long drawn out sigh, and deep breathing, with Julia holding my head in close to her vagina, encouraging me to give her some last licks whilst she settled back and relaxed. She was in control after all. They must be good figures Jeremy, so I can give you a better bonus. I started to undo my trousers but she smacked my hands.

Female Bosses Spank Male Employees

Femdom story: Female run corporation: women spank men for tardiness. Mouth soaping discipline for impertinence. Female Bosses Spank Male Employees. Man is punished, spanked at work by his woman boss and female coworkers. Workplace Femdom corporal punishment. Home · Spanking Stories · Spanked by the Boss. Peter two naked men, with two fully dressed woman who had control over us, I was fine with it.

It would be very humiliating for me.

His boss caught three typographic errors in a letter. I wondered if they knew what would happen. But then this was the early Seventies, when bottom-pinching, drunken lunches and open office affairs were rife in the workplace.

  • Female Executive Spanks Male Secretary
  • Comfortable, padding spanking benches are a waste of money. If his behavior has displeased me the caning is more brutal.
  • Rules mandate spankings for all errors and any deviation from company procedure.

I was told she was about 50 years old. She crossed her arms and her breasts started to swell up above her arms. Next time it will mean another spanking so watch it, OK? The spanking might be mild or severely painful. She raised her arm, I turned away and looked down at the floor. Bright red, very bright, and the tops of his legs.

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I worked for a few women in Real Estate, and they are the dominant sales persons in the area where I worked. Caning Her Headmaster Molly Malone blackmails her sadistic old teacher, seeking sweet revenge for the many punishments he administered years ago. Fun for all females. Give feedback, vote on their story! I was happy with when ever she wanted.

The pain was worth it. Please bend over my lap. That is certainly true.


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