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Francelina Morillo & Jeff Nichols: Love Helps Keep the Weight Off |

Joe Ostaszewski , 43, Williston, FL. She said she couldn't say the same about the rest of the remaining competitors, including Jeff -- her newfound love.

  • After two painful weeks, the White Team achieved their first weigh-in victory with Danni's six pound weight loss and Pam's staggering nine pound weight loss. The finale, and then medical school.
  • On the second weigh-in, the Blue Team hit a strong note until Jeff's shocking zero weight loss for the week. We spent a lot of time there for the show and we love the outdoor fitness activities that are literally right in your back yard.
  • Francelina Morillo , 25, Albany, NY. It was summer time, and I had to wear all black and long pants and sleeves to prevent my skin from chafing, tearing, and getting rashes.
  • I found a bond with him that I hadn't had with anyone else," she said. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that TC currently weighed at pounds, losing 56 pounds since his weight loss journey.
  • Pay It Forward She said she couldn't say the same about the rest of the remaining competitors, including Jeff -- her newfound love.

Morillo has been very open with fans about her weight loss journey, recently going so far as to post revealing photos of her excess skin. She said they would take a look at her, and her size, and think: Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Francelina Morillo on "The Biggest Loser.

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After a pop challenge about nutrition and a fitness test where the kids served as ambassadorsthe weight needed was reduced to 61 pounds. Lindsay Bravo13, Fillmore, CA. The winner was the Francelina And Jeff Hookup Biggest Loser who placed the most blocks on other contestants' podiums to "protect" them from going home for a week. They both lost their fathers at a young age and turned to food for comfort. Had Jeff won the grand prize, I would have batted my eyes at him and hopefully he would have paid [laughs]. At the elimination, Alex was voted off.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the White Team's five pound advantage, the four player team lost a total of 69 pounds. The contestants learn that it is makeover week.

Jeff Nichols may have lost the title of Biggest Loser by one pound, but he gained a roommate, co-worker and girlfriend: fellow contestant Francelina Morillo. “We literally spend 23 hours a day together,” Nichols tells PEOPLE. 'Biggest Loser's' Francelina Morillo talks Jeff Nichols, skin removal surgery and life after the ranch. For Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo, being on The Biggest Loser has been all about shedding weight and gaining love..

As the contestants settle back into life at home, they are given a challenge from Allison: A frustrated Jillian gave her two options:

  • 'Biggest Loser's' Francelina + Jeff: 'We have something special'
  • She manages to lose ten, successfully meeting her goal and winning immunity. I also think that I would like to share with the word that having surgery is okay.
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  • The trainers left the ranch to work with the teenagers, leaving the adults to work-out on their own.

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Francelina wins the challenge barely beating Alexandra and she earned herself a two-pound advantage and she gave the Alexandra the other two. The teens directed the adults from bungee in the air. The ranch is packed with a group of "super-stressed" people who "all wanna eat and can't eat.

The ranch, later in the week, went forward with another weekly challenge to win groceries for a year. Team members had to rummage through a sticky pit of bubblegum to a giant gumball machine, operating the machines until they obtained twenty for their team. The couple said that their shared experiences in life and on the show helped bring them together. With a three for three, the White Team pulled another surprising win. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Joe weighs in next. Her fears turn out to be unfounded, as she successfully loses ten pounds. Red, Blue and White. America voted Jackson into the finals over Joe. The team who accumulated the least points would suffer the disadvantage of being isolated in a temptation room full of junk food and video games. At the challenge, the contestants had to dig sand from dunes, finding five green arrows.


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